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Student Testimonials

From IDSC4444 Explorative & Predictive Analytics:

Lectures & Slides

“The powerpoints you made are some of the clearest and most informative decks I have ever experienced at Carlson.”

“Data analytics classes are tough to teach, especially over zoom. Alan set up the course in a way that was manageable and easy to follow. His powerpoints are extremely clear and informative, and he gives good context to the purpose and application of the different analyses.”

“I had no idea how much I learned until I took a step back and looked at my final answers on the test. I'm pumped to take this into the real world.”

“Very helpful lectures, explains difficult concepts very well, very responsive to questions”

“Definitely is knowledgeable about what he's talking about.”

“Showed us a lot of examples and helped a lot with labs”

“Lectures were very useful” “He had good lectures”

Personality & Student Relations

“Alan was very respectful and always offered help to myself and other students.”

“He was extremely helpful and genuine about which parts of the material to focus on. He also accommodated learning to fit the individual students.”

“He was very responsive to any questions students had. Took lots of time out of his day to help us.”

“He was friendly and approachable, which made me feel better about asking questions”

“Always willing to help students if they dont understand”